Historic divides of poverty, race and learning differences continue to hold back many students. We believe ALL students should have equitable opportunities to learn and succeed in school and in life.


We demand excellence through meaningful standards and robust accountability about school quality and student progress from early childhood through postsecondary education.


We study, inform and engage citizens to achieve the ambitious goal of moving Kentucky to the nation’s top tier in student achievement in this generation.

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit citizen’s advocacy group. The Committee continuously studies priority issues, informs the public and policymakers and engages citizens, business leaders, families, students, and others in a shared mission to move Kentucky to the top tier of all states for education excellence and equity for all children.

The Committee focuses on the direct impact of these endeavors on education quality and student success.

  • Student Voice
  • Parent Leadership
  • Community Engagement
  • Early Childhood
  • Excellent Teaching
  • School Climate & Culture
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Postsecondary Education



In this edition of Perspectives we take a look at:   Grassroots Growth, Achievement Gains Lead Plan Students' Input on Learning Can Boost School Culture, Speakers Say Renewing an Urgent Call for Citizen Engagement Prichard Selects New Officers Tight Budgets,...

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Much of Eastern Kentucky is covered by what the Center for American Progress has deemed "child care deserts". https://t.co/FnLAXMjHAp

In KY, 17% of families w/young children report having difficulty holding down a job because they can't find adequate or affordable child care, according to the @aecfkidscount survey.

Our independent peer review with @bellwethered found many states’ lofty education goals are untethered to actual accountability plans: https://t.co/pUYpbLv2s3 #ESSA

Parable: Farmers Jones & Smith both plant corn & lettuce. Jones gets a great harvest; Smith doesn’t.

Smith: “I don’t know why! I gave the corn & lettuce the same amount of water & sun!”

Jones: “That’s your problem!”

Moral: Jones knows the difference between equality & equity. https://t.co/8L7kqdeCcu

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