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Sherron Jackson, Education Chair
Kentucky State Conference of NAACP Branches
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Coalition Responds to Federal Feedback on
Kentucky’s New Accountability Framework


Members Pledge to Continue Collaboration
to Ensure Excellence with Equity for All Students


The United States Education Department has recently provided interim feedback on Kentucky’s proposed school accountability system, asking for a series of clarifications and revisions before the plan can receive final approval as meeting the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act. A coalition of organizations representing business, education advocates, civil rights groups and community leaders commits itself to ongoing support and dialogue with Commissioner Stephen Pruitt, the Kentucky Department of Education, and the Kentucky Board of Education as they respond to that feedback. The coalition also urges those state leaders to maintain core principles in pursuit of excellence with equity for all students as they work to obtain final federal approval of Kentucky’s accountability design.

Members of the coalition are:

Dave Adkisson
President & CEO
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Sherron Jackson
Chair, Education Committee
Kentucky State Conference of NAACP Branches

Brigitte Blom Ramsey
Executive Director
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Sadiqa N. Reynolds, Esq.
President & CEO
Louisville Urban League

P.G. Peeples, Sr.
Urban League of Lexington – Fayette County

As work moves forward on the clarifications and revisions requested by federal officials, the Coalition urges continued commitment to:

  • Ambitious performance goals for the state, districts, and schools. Those goals should be clear for all students and for each student group, and they should call for faster progress for student groups that historically have had less opportunity to excel. The Kentucky Board of Education set goals and interim benchmarks last August that establish that kind of ambition, and the coalition strongly supports that decision.
  • School and district ratings based on the performance of all students and each student group, for each indicator used in the accountability system.
  • Robust accountability focus on writing, science, social studies, and transition readiness as continuing Kentucky priorities. Kentucky and the coalition have long valued these elements of student success. Kentucky’s accountability system should value reading, mathematics, English proficiency, graduation and these additional, essential subjects and capacities.
  • Clear, timely information for families and communities, built on Department collaboration with parents as partners in developing the proposed dashboard and other elements of the new Kentucky School Report Card.
  • Collaborative school improvement strategies developed by the Department, districts and parents in partnership to strengthen leadership, culture and climate, instruction, and community support in every school and particularly in those with the lowest performing students and student groups.

As Kentucky moves through the federal approval process and into implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, the coalition will also give sustained priority to ensuring:

  • Equity in state and district funding to schools.
  • Strong and diverse teachers in all schools.
  • Challenging courses in all high schools to prepare students for college and beyond.

More broadly, KBE, KDE, community stakeholders and the business community must continue working together to ensure the system is driving education excellence and equity for all students.

Members of the coalition, all of whom were closely involved as active participants in the work that developed Kentucky’s accountability plan, pledge to continue to collaborate to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and in life and to contribute to Kentucky’s future quality of life and prosperity.


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