Strengthening the Teaching Profession in Kentucky

A Report of the Prichard Committee Team on Teacher Effectiveness
December 2013
Executive Summary, (208 kb, pdf)

Nothing that happens in school matters more than quality teaching in determining whether a student has a successful or mediocre educational experience. But no single policy or practice will ensure Kentucky achieves its goal of giving every child an effective teacher every year. Instead, progress can be assured only from initiatives that recognize and support the interrelated nature of the elements involved in recruiting, preparing, supporting and retaining high-quality teachers. The Prichard Committee Team on Teacher Effectiveness conducted a 14-month review of the array of issues that affect the state’s efforts to expand its workforce of high-quality teachers. Specifically, the Team reviewed the following areas:

  • Recruitment/Preparation
  • Hiring/Induction/Internship
  • Professional Development/Leadership
  • Retention/Working Conditions
  • Compensation
  • Tenure
  • Evaluation/Student Achievement

The Team’s work culminated in the development of recommendations for improvements in policies and practices to help Kentucky build and sustain a high quality teacher workforce. Some of the recommendations would require legislative action while others suggest regulatory or programmatic changes. In many instances, financing would be a key factor – raising an issue of particular concern for the Team as well as for educators and advocates statewide: school funding.

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