Expanding Relevant Challenges in Louisville

OCTOBER 2018  \\\\\  MOORE MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL in LOUISVILLE EXPANDING RELEVANT CHALLENGES A school with 2,300 students might seem an unlikely place for individual voices to stand out. Still, 13-year-olds Abigail Pena Lopez and Jenny Tello Montejo feel encouraged as...

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Delivering Pre-k in Clay County

SEPTEMBER 2018  \\\\\  PARTNERS IN EDUCATION AT BEREA COLLEGE in CLAY COUNTY DELIVERING EARLY LEARNING Teacher Melinda Morgan’s morning preschool class is in high gear. In the manner of accomplished early childhood teachers, she prompts students to think, share, and...

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Emphasizing Mastery in Trimble County

AUGUST 2018  \\\\\  TRIMBLE COUNTY JUNIOR HIGH MAKING SURE LEARNING STICKS In a social studies classroom, a group of teenagers gather for a rare experience in schools — going over material that has already been tested. Having earned scores or teacher referrals...

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Relationships = Achievement in Henderson

JULY 2018  \\\\\  SOUTH HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY IN HENDERSON RELATIONSHIPS SPARK ACADEMICS Last summer, when Lydia Burnette of Henderson was thinking ahead to fifth grade at South Heights Elementary, she was called in for a special assignment: Casually loiter in the school...

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Building Academic Champions in Johnson County

JUNE 2018  \\\\\  JOHNSON COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL BUILDING ACADEMIC CHAMPIONS What may be the nation’s most acclaimed team of middle school problem solvers has an unlikely headquarters. In a former home-economics classroom — still lined with stoves that once introduced...

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Student Work in Covington

MAY 2018  \\\\\  GLENN O. SWING ELEMENTARY in COVINGTON STUDENT WORK DRIVES IMPROVEMENT Third graders in Karissa Pickens’ classroom at Glenn O. Swing Elementary are reading an article about the flu — how to avoid it, or, should a scratchy throat or bleary eyes strike,...

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Advanced Academics in Glasgow

APRIL 2018  \\\\\  GLASGOW HIGH SCHOOL RAISING THE BAR WITH AN A.P. FOCUS Autumn Higgs can imagine herself someday working with animals or children, maybe running her own business. As with many ninth graders, the future seems far from definite. She and her teachers at...

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