In 2012, Kentucky’s Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, a private, nonprofit advocacy group, created a Team on Teacher Effectiveness to review current practices and make recommendations for comprehensive improvement in the way Kentucky recruits, prepares, supports, retains, and compensates teachers. The team will publish a final report by the end of 2013. Among those various issues, that team has examined the state’s recent efforts to develop its teacher evaluation system, the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES), and its efforts to support and enhance the success of beginning teachers. With support from CED, the Team on Teacher Effectiveness and the Prichard Committee published two briefs describing the initiatives in those areas:

  • Evaluating Teachers: Kentucky’s Approach to Creating a Successful System; and,
  • Supporting New Teachers: The Importance of the First Year in Ensuring Success and Retention.

Click here to read the CED report. Section on Kentucky starts on page 2.

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