Developing informed and skilled parents as effective advocates


The Prichard Committee has a long history of supporting both emerging and existing parent leaders working to solve problems within their schools and communities. Over the past two decades, our Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership graduates have demonstrated that community-grounded leadership is a critical tool for both individual student achievement and school cultural change.

Annual Kentucky Parent Leadership Summit

The Kentucky Parent Leadership Summit is a one-day event offered each spring designed to develop informed and skilled parents as effective advocates for Kentucky students and to support a network of parent leaders actively working to improve education.

CIPL Fellowship Track

The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership Fellowship Track is designed to inspire and equip parents to serve as leaders in education advocacy and school governance and to collaborate with other parents, school and community leaders in improving educational outcomes for all students.

CIPL Champions

Calling all CIPL graduates—the Prichard Committee needs YOU as we seek to engage the next generation of parents and community leaders as fierce advocates for equity and excellence in Kentucky education. Your experience in breaking down barriers for students is a critical resource. We are seeking CIPL graduates to renew their commitment to parent leadership by becoming CIPL Champions. Examples of leadership opportunities for CIPL Champions include:

  • Serve on a statewide CIPL Advisory Committee to provide feedback on program design, delivery and content for future CIPL participants
  • Act as a mentor for new CIPL participants
  • Recruit new participants for CIPL
  • Facilitate or present at CIPL events
  • Share your story (via events, video, podcast, social media, blog posts op-ed, etc.) and/or represent parent voice on key education issues

For more information on becoming a CIPL Champion, contact Kim Drummond, Director of Engagement at (859) 233-9849.


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