The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership Fellowship Track is designed to inspire and equip parents to serve as leaders in education advocacy and school governance, and to collaborate with other parents, school and community leaders in improving educational outcomes for all students. The CIPL Fellowship track seeks to:


  • Create a statewide community of parents, family members and community members who share expertise and collaborate with school leaders, community leaders and state government officials on education issues.
  • Support and equip parents to work with school and community leaders to remove barriers to student achievement and promote a positive school climate and culture for all students.
  • Highlight parent voices and expand opportunities for parents’ critical leadership at the state, regional and local levels.


Step 1: Complete an online application 


To become a CIPL Fellow candidate (applications are accepted year-round). Applications require information about your goals, experience, interests and skills so that we can connect you with meaningful learning and advocacy opportunities.

Click here to complete your online application. 


Step 2: Receive a welcome kit


After you submit your application, you’ll receive a welcome kit by email about upcoming learning and leadership opportunities to help you start building your portfolio and instructions on how to join our Kentucky Parent Leaders Facebook Group to get connected to other parent leaders across the state.


Step 3: Deepen your knowledge and skills based on your interests


To allow for anytime, anywhere learning, the Prichard Committee offers webinars for our members and parent leaders to deepen their knowledge of Kentucky’s education system and key reform issues and build their advocacy and engagement skills.  In addition to webinars, CIPL fellow candidates will receive periodic email updates via email and our Facebook group page about opportunities to participate in regional and statewide events, legislative advocacy efforts, social media and communications campaigns, fundraising efforts, and more.


Step 4: Take Action


Take action on what you’ve learned in a way that engages parents/citizens and helps deepen commitment to success for all students in your community. The following list includes suggested actions but is not finite – candidates are encouraged to use their own creativity and community connections to find ways to engage the people in their unique circle of influence to support equity and excellence in education.


  • Organize and lead a community conversation in your hometown focused on improving education
  • Write or co-author an article or op-ed in your local paper on a specific education topic you learned about through this fellowship track
  • Meet with your state legislator(s) about education issues
  • Serve as a social media champion by posting/sharing regularly about education topics of interest
  • Serve in a leadership position on your local school board, school-based decision making council, or PTA/PTO
  • Give a presentation to your PTA or another local group/organization on a specific education topic you learned about through this fellowship track


Step 5: Submit a fellowship portfolio


To become a CIPL fellow, candidates must submit a portfolio summarizing what they’ve learned during their candidacy and what action(s) they have taken in their community as a result. Portfolios will be accepted during the month of February and reviewed by a committee of CIPL graduates. CIPL Fellow candidate portfolios must include:


  • Evidence of participation in at least 12 hours of new learning including:

    • 4 required core Deeper Dive webinars (1 hour each)
    • 2 additional webinars (1 hour each)
    • Annual Kentucky Parent Leadership Summit (6 hours)
  • Evidence of new community leadership since becoming a CIPL Fellow candidate.


Step 6: New Fellows are recognized and inducted


All portfolios submitted by the end of February each year will be considered for the annual induction ceremony. Candidates who meet the criteria to become a CIPL Fellow will be recognized and inducted into the CIPL Fellowship Circle at the annual Kentucky Parent Leadership Summit each spring.




Contact Kim Drummond, Director of Engagement, 859-233-9849


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