Support our efforts to provide in-depth, free training to parents and family members to expand parent engagement in Louisville through our Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL) by donating today during Give for Good Louisville.

“The program has inspired greater involvement and impact from hundreds of Louisville parents in recent years”, GCIPL Fellow Leigh Anne Preston explains.

“When you send your child to school, you want the best for your child. After this training, we realized that it is not just about our own children, but ensuring that all children have the best learning opportunities and environment.”

Hawthorne Elementary’s outdoor classroom designed by GCIPL Fellow Leigh Anne Preston


Over 2,000 parents are now GCIPL Fellows. Your financial donation today will enable us to continue providing this training for parents in Louisville. Thank you in advance and if you have any questions please contact our office at 859-233-9849.

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