House votes to increase P-12 education funding

by | Mar 1, 2018

House Bill 200, Kentucky’s budget legislation for the next two fiscal years, is on the move. The House of Representatives just approved its version of the bill. Here’s a look at the major choices the House has made, along with a note that the Senate usually makes other changes and the two chambers negotiate to decide on a final spending plan.

Compared to the budget for fiscal 2018 (basically, the school year we’re in right now), the 2019 budget the House just voted on includes $45 million more in general fund support for the Department of Education. That includes funding increases of:

  • $44 million for the SEEK formula, with an increase to the base guarantee per pupil and a decision not to make a major SEEK transportation cut that Governor Bevin had recommended.
  • $21 million for school facilities
  • $14 million for health insurance for teachers and other school and district employees
  • $11 million for the employer share of contributions for current teachers’ retirement
  • $3 million for the safe schools program

It also includes some of the major cuts the Governor proposed back in January, including:

  • $17 million from textbooks and other instructional resources
  • $12 million from funding for educators’ professional development
  • $3 million from family resource and youth service centers
  • $2 million from overall Department of Education funding
  • $14 million from a set of smaller programs that each had 2018 funding of less than $5 million


The House version of the budget maintains current funding for some other programs, including:

  • Kentucky School for the Blind
  • Kentucky School for the Deaf
  • State operated vocational centers
  • Extended school services
  • Gifted and talented services
  • Mathematics Achievement Fund
  • Preschool
  • Read to Achieve grants
  • State agency children
Our new PrichBlog summary shows added detail, including changes for the 2020 budget and a detail page on small programs that receive less than $5 million in funding. You can download that here, or view the complete budget bill as approved by the House here.


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