Gifts to the Prichard Committee can be made in a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes. We accept a wide range of assets, giving you the flexibility to use your resources to support the charitable causes that you are most passionate about.

Your gift can be as simple as making a cash gift, in any amount, to one of the existing funds of the Prichard Committee or by sponsoring an event or project. 

The Prichard Committee accepts the following types of gifts:







Gifts of cash in any amount are always  welcome and the easiest way to support the causes you care about.

Gifts of appreciated securities may offer substantial tax advantages. These include capital gains tax entirely and an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities. If you would like more information, please contact our development office at (859) 233-9849.

Sponsor any of our upcoming events or projects.

A gift through your estate can provide significant support to the Prichard Committee, now and in the future. You can give to the Prichard Committee through your will or from a living trust. For more information, contact our development office at (859) 233-9849.

Life insurance may be given to the Prichard Committee and the cash value deducted from income tax. However, the Prichard Committee can also be named as a beneficiary on life insurance policies. Donors may wish to establish a fund at the Prichard Committee by naming the Prichard Committee as a sole beneficiary, a contingent beneficiary, or a beneficiary of a fixed percentage of the policy.

Not only does a gift to charity remove the asset from the donor’s taxable estate, but it is also the ultimate statement of values. It reminds loved ones, heirs, and the community of where the donor found passion and merit. Charitable bequests add meaning to our lives both now and forever. Bequests to the Prichard Committee can add to an existing fund or establish a new fund. The fund can be anonymous or named. Making a bequest is simple –

  • Talk to your family about your intentions.
  • Contact your attorney about creating or amending your will to include a bequest.
  • Designate Prichard Committee and any specific designations or restrictions that are important to you.
  • Indicate the amount of the gift, percentage of estate or list any specific property.

If you desire, notify the Prichard Committee of the bequest to be included in future gift acknowledgements.


Beverly Nickell Raimondo was inspired by learning. Wherever she traveled from her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, she became much more than a passive onlooker. She was always driven to understand life more deeply.

Bev’s belief in the benefits of deeper parent engagement was realized in parent involvement and student achievement programs statewide that persist today. More than 2,500 parents have completed GCIPL training. Graduates have become essential partners in positively transforming Kentucky’s schools and communities through leadership on school boards and committees, and as informed public school advocates.

Bev passed away in 2016. The Prichard Committee and Bev’s family have established the Beverly Nickell Raimondo Leadership Award to honor her vision and its impact on students by recognizing exemplary leadership by parents who care about education for all students.

“My daughters and I can think of a no more fitting way to honor her memory and legacy than to recognize parent achievement with this award,” says Tony. “In addition, we hope the award will help to motivate other parents to carry the torch of parent involvement and achievement in the Commonwealth.”

“Bev’s vison was clear,” says Prichard Committee Executive Director, Brigitte Blom Ramsey. “She believed that when parents are involved it benefits not only their children but their children’s peers. Students, teachers and schools feel more supported and we see better student performance as a result. In short, the whole community benefits when parents are actively engaged in their schools.”

Bev’s leadership demonstrated exemplary commitment to education and, even more importantly, created a sustained movement where parents could participate and see the results of their work. Bev believed education excellence was attainable – and she worked tirelessly to ensure that others shared that belief and took action just as she did.

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