“Making Connections: Language Arts Skills Enhanced Across Genres” takes readers into several classrooms across Kentucky to show how teachers are weaving in different types of texts to enhance students’ engagement and learning. English teachers are helping students draw on essays, novels, informational pieces, and historical documents to build their abilities to cite evidence independently. This also helps make English classes more relevant for students.

“Literacy is the bedrock of learning across all disciplines. Therefore, it’s critical that Kentucky students learn to read and comprehend information from many varieties of sources and across subject areas. Kentucky’s English Language Arts standards provide a rich foundation upon which individual teachers can design creative and innovative lessons to engage students and provide them opportunities to develop skills they will need in college, careers, and in life,” said Brigitte Blom Ramsey, executive director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence.

This report is the third in a series of reports illustrating the shifts in teaching and learning happening in Kentucky’s schools as a result of the adoption and implementation of Kentucky’s Academic Standards and the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System for teachers.  The previous reports “Finding Solutions: Standards Push Students Toward Real Life Problems” and Expanding Literacy: Reading, Writing Emphasized Beyond English Class” can be found on our website at www.prichardcommittee.org.



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