Our Advocacy Focus

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence is an independent, non-profit, nonpartisan group of volunteers who have worked since 1983 to improve education at all levels. It is named for an attorney, the late Edward F. Prichard, who in 1980 led a citizens’ committee on improving Kentucky’s universities. The committee is not affiliated with Kentucky state government. The committee informs educators, policymakers and citizens across the state, advocating for excellence in student achievement and public school education.

The Prichard Committee provides an independent citizens’ voice advocating for improved education for all Kentuckians. In doing so, we help set the agenda for education improvement. To deliver on our mission, we:

  • Research key education issues from early childhood through (all forms of) postsecondary in order to formulate policy positions. (i.e., policy implications, informing constituency, etc.)
  • Inform the public and policymakers with clear, trusted, accessible explanations of education issues
  • Advocate with public, parents, opinion leaders, policymakers for improved education in Kentucky
  • Engage parents and citizens in exploring challenges, identifying solutions, empower them to lead in their schools and communities on education issues, mobilize them to press for important reforms to be made and sustained long enough to produce meaningful results and convene stakeholders
  • Sustain relationships with advocates and state leaders to help develop solutions and improve understanding of issues.


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