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2009 legislation required new K-12 standards to prepare all students for success in college and the workplace. (A standard is a set of sentences explaining what a student needs to learn before the end of the year.) The law also requires:

  • New state assessments and accountability for schools and students

More effective teaching strategies and higher student achievement for all students.

New KY Core Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Math were adopted in June 2010. Science and Social Studies are to follow.

These standards were developed by Kentucky and 47 other states that voluntarily came together to write standards to match the level of global competition. Having common standards:

  • Will provide consistency from state to state

Is more economical for states

  • Helps build a skilled workforce

ReadyKY is an initiative of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence created to share accurate and timely information on the changes in our schools.

Download the ReadyKentucky Fast Fact sheet here!

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