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Strong Start KentsmallPages from ssky_2007_report_20130130141654-2ucky: Investing in Quality Early Care & Education to Ensure Future Success

This report represents the combined efforts of some 50 state leaders in early care and education who are helping define the appropriate next steps for Kentucky in the critical area of early care and education.

These state leaders focused on five critical areas in developing their recommendations: increasing access to preschool; improving the quality of all early care and education programs; assuring child readiness; encouraging collaboration between public and community-based or private programs and engaging parents and families. (Full Report, October 2007)

Cover Page from KY early ed economic analysis reportThe America’s Edge report, Strengthening Kentucky Businesses through Investments in Early Care and Education (Released March,  2014), shows investments in high-quality early care and education programs can generate immediate sales of local goods and services, attract workers, create jobs and aid in long-term economic security in Kentucky. ReadyNation/America’s Edge is a national organization of business leaders who support proven education investments that strengthen businesses and the economy.

“This report supports what we are doing in Kentucky to focus our time and resources on early childhood education. These efforts not only assist our communities but also begin preparing our future workforce at an early age,” Gov. Beshear said. “Kentucky has made enormous progress in creating a seamless, cradle-to-career education system that is better preparing students for a complex world. We must continue to partner with education, business, and state and local leaders to maintain our progress and to highlight the information in this and other studies.”

Heckman The Economics of Human Potential (“Research. Data. Lectures. Advocacy. Use these resources to promote the value of investing in early childhood development.”)

NCCP National Center for Children in Poverty, Kentucky Early Childhood Profile, June 2012
“State policies that promote health, education, and strong families can help the early development and school readiness of America’s youngest citizens. This profile highlights Kentucky’s policy choices alongside other data related to the well-being of young children.”

NIEER National Institute for Early Education Research, The State of Preschool 2012-Kentucky State Profile, April 2012
Kentucky preschool program rankings on access, resources and quality benchmarks.

KidsCount Data Center, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Profile for Kentucky, July 2012
Access profiles for many KY locations; rankings, maps, or trend graphs by topic; and raw data. Includes over 100 measures of child well-being, including the community-level data formerly in CLIKS.

Estimates of the Costs and Benefits of Expanding the Early Childhood Education Program in Kentucky,” Center for Business and Economics Research, October 2009

Savings Now, Savings Later: Smart Early Childhood Programs Pay Off Right Away and for the Long Term,” ReadyNation

Pew Home Visiting Campaign, Issue Brief, March 2012

The Case for Home Visiting, Issue Brief, May 2010

Final Report of Governor’s Task Force on Early Childhood Development and Education, November 2010