Benefits of Parent Involvement

Multiple studies over 40 years show that student achievement is positively impacted by parent involvement. Below is a summary.

When their parents are involved, STUDENTS gain:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attendance and more homework done
  • Fewer placements in special education
  • More positive attitudes and behavior
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in post-secondary education

If their low-income parents were involved in their preschool program, students at age 19 are:

  • 40 percent MORE likely to graduate from high school
  • 35 percent MORE likely to be employed
  • 55 percent LESS likely to be on welfare
  • 40 percent LESS likely to have been arrested

Benefits of parent involvement for PARENTS:

  • More confidence in the school
  • Higher teacher expectations of their children
  • Higher teacher opinions of them as parents
  • More self-confidence
  • More likely to continue their own education

Benefits of parent involvement for SCHOOLS:

  • Improves teacher morale
  • Higher ratings from families
  • More support from families
  • Higher student achievement
  • Better reputations in the community

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