Performance & Outcomes-Based Funding: Lessons for Accountable Investment for Postsecondary Progress in Kentucky

A Symposium of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence & the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Frankfort, Kentucky
June 29, 2016


Kentucky’s Postsecondary Landscape – A View Since Reform (1997)
Dr. John Thelin, University Research Professor and Professor of Education Policy Studies, University of Kentucky

Performance & Outcomes-Based Funding – The National Context
Brian Fox, Senior Associate – Higher Education Policy, Lumina Strategy Labs/HCM Strategists

Kentucky’s Outcomes-Based Funding Experience
Robert King, President, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

A State Perspective – Tennessee’s Implementation of Outcomes-Based Funding
Dr. Rich Rhoda, Executive Director Emeritus, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
David L. Wright, Chief Policy Officer, Tennessee Higher Education Commission
Steven Gentile, Director of Fiscal Policy Research, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

Better Measures of Postsecondary Performance – Using Data for State Finance Policy
Dr. Jennifer Engle, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Evaluating Performance & Outcomes-Based Funding – Parameters for Design, Implementation and Impact
Dr. Kathleen M. Shaw, Executive Director, Research for Action
Dr. Kate Callahan, Deputy Director of Quantitative Research, Research for Action



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