Give for Good Louisville Set for Sept. 14

The Prichard Committee will participate in the Community Foundation of Louisville’s one-day online fundraising campaign “Give for Good Louisville” on Sept. 14. This year’s campaign offers a chance to draw attention to the work in Louisville of the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership.

The program has inspired greater involvement and impact from hundreds of Louisville parents in recent years, as the account of GCIPL Fellow Leigh Anne Preston describes: “My husband and I were excited about the opportunity to give our children a second language as a part of their elementary school experience through JCPS’s Spanish immersion program at Hawthorne Elementary. As I attended PTA meetings early on, I could see that there were many enthusiastic parents who wanted to help the school in some way, but for me, I was more interested in doing something with lasting impact. Another parent and I decided to apply for the parent-leadership training.

“Because of Hawthorne’s extensive green space, we thought it would be nice if the kids were able to be outside more.  Our project was to build an outdoor classroom versatile enough for classes, plays and special meetings. Through our GCIPL budget, a $2,500 Lowe’s classroom grant, and many enthusiastic parent and student helpers, we were able to install the outdoor classroom over a couple of weekends, and students began using it on the first day of school. It is versatile, well built, well-loved, and we hope will be an important part of the campus for many years to come.

“In addition to a project we were proud of, as parents, we became empowered with knowledge and resources. We learned how to read our school’s report card and know what that information meant. We worked on ways to more fully impact our school, particularly as it related to kids experiencing achievement gaps.  When you send your child to school, you want the best for your child. After this training, we realized that it is not just about our own children, but ensuring that all children have the best learning opportunities and environment.”

The GCIPL program is celebrating its 20th year of providing in-depth, free training to parents and family members to expand parent engagement in Kentucky. Over 2,000 parents are now GCIPL Fellows.

Learn more about the Give for Good Louisville program, and plan to participate and encourage others on Sept. 14. Learn about more ways to donate to the Prichard Committee and the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership or contact Suzetta Yates. You can also donate directly online here.

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