The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has launched a new and improved web site, the first refresh in five years. At the heart of the new site, and all of the Committee’s outreach, is a commitment to clearly communicating the need to advance excellent education for all Kentuckians.

The new web site is an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone interested in Kentucky’s education system to access information about the many ways the Committee involves citizens in improving Kentucky’s public education system.

The new site lifts up the Committee’s core beliefs – Equity – that all children deserve to succeed in school and in life, Accountability – that students, parents and the public must be able to understand how schools perate and perform to ensure success, and Ambition – that Kentucky will achieve the national top tier in education excellence in this generation.

Communicating the Committee’s aspirations and providing practical information for people who want to be one click away from comprehensive information about Kentucky’s public education system and work with the Committee more deeply or support the cause of excellent education were always top of mind during design of the new site.

Visitors to the site can learn easily the Committee’s:

  • History, volunteer and staff leadership and statewide membership by congressional district
  • Policy action priorities – early childhood, excellent teaching, school climate and culture, college and career readiness and postsecondary education
  • Engagement opportunities for students, parents and communities
  • Detailed information on the key drivers of Kentucky’s education system such as the landmark Achievement Gap Report and annual updates, Top 20 by 2020 Report that compares Kentucky’s progress to other states and in-depth analysis of education policy and legislation
  • Real-time links to the Committee’s blog and social media channels and an archive of news releases and other pertinent resources

In today’s rapid-fire environment, the majority of business introductions and transactions are made via search engines. An appealing web site that clearly answers the question “why is your organization in business,” is the most important communication strategy in an organization’s tool kit.

The new site will always be a work in progress the Committee learns to better serve its many partners who are also committed to making Kentucky’s public education system the best it can be. Ultimately, its success will be measured how it helps make the Committee’s aspirations for Kentucky’s children become reality.

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