To elevate more independent student voices, the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team recently launched “Voices from the Front,” a new digital forum providing space for student thought and feedback on a range of education issues.

The user-friendly blog format reaches out to youth-serving organizations and individuals for submissions, and by promoting posts across multiple social media platforms, the Student Voice Team seeks to make the site especially accessible, even to those who have never before written an article.

In an inaugural post, The Forum’s Editorial Board wrote that it aims “to offer a space for students to share feedback about their experiences in Kentucky schools and constructive ideas about how to make them better.”  Sample stories so far include pieces on the school-to-prison pipeline, free political discussion in school, and the struggle of students with disabilities to feel included.

The Student Voice Team publishes all material with the disclosure that content is independent and does not represent the opinion of either the Student Voice Team or the Prichard Committee.

To learn more about the blog, including how to encourage students to submit articles and feedback, or to subscribe, visit

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