Eight years later, results make it clear that Kentucky can make this important move forward, but increasing effort will be needed across the remaining four years.

The newest data find Kentucky students already in the Top 20 in reading, science, graduation rates, and completion of associate degrees, and on track for top 20 in fourth grade mathematics and high school graduates going on to college.

Kentucky has lost ground to other states in preschool enrollment, eighth-grade mathematics, and bachelor degree completion.  Those results are disturbing:  Kentucky’s economic future depends on investment in high-quality early learning options, rigorous and aligned mathematics instruction, and effective strategies to improve postsecondary completion.

The preschool result is grounds for special concern, because the percent of three-year-olds and four-year-olds in preschool is lower now than in the original 2008 report.

Results are also improving too slowly in AP credits earned in high school, adults with high school diplomas and bachelor degrees, and the percent of bachelor degree recipients with science, technology, engineering, or math majors.

Education support results are mixed, with teacher salaries on track to reach top 20, funding for P-12 education improving too slowly, and higher education funding and family higher education costs moving in the wrong direction.

Top 20 rankings are still within Kentucky’s reach, but getting there by 2020 will require renewed and deepened efforts across the Commonwealth.

Please click on the image of the report, or click the button below to view the Top 20 by 2020 – 2016 Update.

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