Prichard Report Highlights Charter  School Fundamentals

The Prichard Committee’s 2014 primer on charter school issues was summarized at a November special study session of the State Board of Education focused on learning more about charter schools.

The meeting drew an overflow crowd after election victories gave Republicans a majority in the state legislature and made charter schools a likely priority during the 2017 General Assembly.

Brigitte Blom Ramsey, executive director of the Prichard Committee, urged board members to study experiences in other states.

“If we do enact charter-enabling legislation, we should do so with full knowledge of our nation’s successes  and  challenges with charter schools to ensure Kentucky’s law results in the highest quality charters and clear positive impacts on student learning,” she said.

Exploring Charter Schools in Kentucky: An Informational Guide” was created by a Prichard study group to build deeper understanding of the charter school concept as well as key implementation issues in states. The guide was written realizing that views on charter schools cover a wide spectrum. It includes a list of eight questions that should be asked about any charter school bill.

The state board will discuss the issue further at its regular meeting in December. The Prichard report is available at

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