Coalition Applauds Kentucky Board of Education’s Strengthening of Goals in New Accountability Framework

Members Pledge to Continue Collaboration to Ensure Excellence with Equity for All Students

A coalition of organizations representing business, education advocates, civil rights groups and community leaders applauds last week’s unanimous vote by Kentucky Board of Education to approve a new, more robust school accountability system and commends Commissioner, Stephen Pruitt, and the Kentucky Department of Education for their work on the new framework.

Members of the coalition are:

Dave Adkisson
President & CEO
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Sherron Jackson
Chair, Education Committee
Kentucky State Conference of NAACP Branches

Brigitte Blom Ramsey
Executive Director
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Sadiqa N. Reynolds, Esq.
President & CEO
Louisville Urban League

Joshua Sparks
Executive Director
Teach for America – Appalachia

The coalition believes the Board took a positive step by approving an increased level of ambition in new long-term goals and interim benchmarks, especially for students who have traditionally had less opportunity to excel — children of color, those whose families have less income, English language learners and students who are challenged by learning differences.

Also, the Board acknowledged the important balance between growth and proficiency in the new accountability model. They stressed the importance of growth for all students, but stated a clear expectation that all students should have opportunities to achieve proficiency and reach for excellence. Coalition members anticipate that more clarity about how to achieve that aspiration will emerge as KDE implements the new regulation.

The Committee commends the important step taken by the Department and the Accountability Steering Committee to establish an ‘achievement gap closure indicator’ and encourages close scrutiny during implementation of this new component to ensure it results in increased success for all students.

As the regulation is implemented, the coalition calls for KDE to work energetically to engage parents and other community stakeholders in creation and implementation of a dashboard that clearly communicates results to families and local communities – those who most need to understand the impact of student achievement and school performance.

Additionally, KBE, KDE, community stakeholders and the business community must continue working together to ensure the system is driving education excellence and equity for all students.

Members of the coalition, all of whom were closely involved as active participants in work leading up to the Board’s approval of the regulation, pledge to continue to collaborate to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in school and in life and to contribute to Kentucky’s future quality of life and prosperity.


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