Kentucky Unanimously Approves Ambitious Goals For Education

KBE Underscores Commitment to Education Excellence with Equity for All Students in
New Accountability System and for Charter Schools

LEXINGTON, KY — The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence applauds the commitment of the Kentucky Board of Education in setting ambitious goals for students to reach academic proficiency and beyond as measured by the state’s new accountability model.

Commissioner Stephen Pruitt and Kentucky Department of Education are to be commended for encouraging deep engagement of stakeholders across the state and for promoting a vision of greater opportunity and access to an enriching education as a means to increase student success and close achievement gaps.

Addressing the state’s persistent achievement gaps and ensuring a pathway to excellent education for all students, particularly those who are most vulnerable, led the Board’s discussion about the new accountability system and new charter school regulations.

The Committee commends the important step taken by the Department and the Accountability Steering Committee to establish an ‘achievement gap closure indicator’ and encourages close scrutiny during implementation of this new component to ensure it results in increased success for all students.

As the new accountability model is implemented, following approval of Kentucky’s plan by the U.S. Department of Education, we must all come together to provide the support necessary for our schools to meet these ambitious and necessary goals.  Big shifts in teaching and learning at the local level and increased community commitment will be necessary to narrow gaps and provide opportunities for excellence for all learners.

With this ambitious accountability plan in place, the Committee looks forward to working with community and business leaders all across Kentucky, as well as policymakers, as we’ve done for 35 years, to garner the commitment and resources needed to take the next giant leap in education excellence – from the middle to the top tier of all states.

Today’s conversation and vote of confidence was evidence of bipartisan commitment to staying the course and increasing urgency toward achieving a longstanding vision of excellence in education for all Kentuckians.

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