Access, Affordability, & Quality are the guiding principles for postsecondary success

Adequate, equitable and strategically focused resources to support postsecondary education are critical to ensuring the vitality of Kentucky’s institutions and the economic and civic growth they fuel.

The Prichard Committee on Higher Education in Kentucky’s Future noted in its 1981 report In Pursuit of Excellence, that “despite a tendency of people to become pessimistic about the value of institutions, [they] still look to education as the road to a better life and as the source of information and talent needed to solve problems.”

Such sentiment echoes today as Kentucky continues to face issues of access, affordability, accountability, and the value of achieving success through postsecondary education.

The Committee works in two ways to improve postsecondary education in Kentucky:

  • By providing citizens and policymakers with the information and tools necessary to participate in meaningful discussions and action regarding best practices in postsecondary education – read details (here).
  • By deploying our Student Voice Team to conduct research and citizen engagement activities related to barriers to postsecondary success – read details (here).