Call for Nominations | DEADLINE: October 27, 2017

The winner will be announced at the Prichard Committee annual meeting on Sunday, November 5.

A press release will follow.

Beverly Nickell Raimondo was inspired by learning. Wherever she traveled from her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, she became much more than a passive onlooker. She was always driven to understand life more deeply.

“To Bev, there was always a little more to know about places, people and life in general,” says her husband Tony. “She had an inquiring mind, and education was extremely important to her.” When Bev and Tony became parents, her curiosity deepened. She wanted to know how she could help her children receive the best education possible.

Her aspirations grew even more in 1991, when she was recruited away from a 20-year career at IBM by Prichard Committee founding director Bob Sexton. He wanted her to help lead the Committee’s community engagement efforts. Her understanding of the world of work and love of learning blossomed into a vision for the Committee’s efforts to mobilize parent advocates for education reform. She conceived and launched the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL) and the Parents and Teachers Talking Together Program, both of which were instrumental in shaping Kentucky’s groundswell of support for education excellence.

Bev’s belief in the benefits of deeper parent engagement was realized in parent involvement and student achievement programs statewide that persist today. More than 2,500 parents have completed GCIPL training. Graduates have become essential partners in positively transforming Kentucky’s schools and communities through leadership on school boards and committees, and as informed public school advocates.

Bev passed away in 2016. The Prichard Committee and Bev’s family have established the Beverly Nickell Raimondo Leadership Award to honor her vision and its impact on students by recognizing exemplary leadership by parents who care about education for all students.

“My daughters and I can think of a no more fitting way to honor her memory and legacy than to recognize parent achievement with this award,” says Tony. “In addition, we hope the award will help to motivate other parents to carry the torch of parent involvement and achievement in the Commonwealth.”

“Bev’s vison was clear,” says Prichard Committee Executive Director, Brigitte Blom Ramsey. “She believed that when parents are involved it benefits not only their children but their children’s peers. Students, teachers and schools feel more supported and we see better student performance as a result. In short, the whole community benefits when parents are actively engaged in their schools.”

Bev’s leadership demonstrated exemplary commitment to education and, even more importantly, created a sustained movement where parents could participate and see the results of their work. Bev believed education excellence was attainable – and she worked tirelessly to ensure that others shared that belief and took action just as she did.

Nominations for the Beverly Nickell Raimondo Leadership Award are being accepted through October 27. For more information please contact Suzetta Yates at syates@prichardcommittee.org or 859-233-9849 extension 231.

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