Jefferson County: Some Points from the Data

How is Kentucky’s largest district doing? Here are seven major points about what can be seen in a look at selected data on Jefferson County and other districts. At the end, you can download short reports with additional data on each point 1. Jefferson County serves...

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Kentucky’s Constitution: Begin at the Beginning

In the State Constitution that Kentucky adopted in 1891, Section 183 specifies that: The General Assembly shall, by appropriate legislation, provide for an efficient system of common schools throughout the State. To meet that responsibility, the General...

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Student Work in Covington

MAY 2018  \\\\\  GLENN O. SWING ELEMENTARY in COVINGTON STUDENT WORK DRIVES IMPROVEMENT Third graders in Karissa Pickens’ classroom at Glenn O. Swing Elementary are reading an article about the flu — how to avoid it, or, should a scratchy throat or bleary eyes strike,...

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What Do I Stand For? Finding My Voice With Mr. C

By: Rainesford Stauffer The teacher who made the biggest impact on me is someone with whom I passionately disagree. That isn’t an exaggeration; our political viewpoints divide so sharply, I sometimes squirm in my seat reading what the teacher I admire most shares to...

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