Fourth Graders Explain Effective Teaching

      Amanda Klare’s fourth graders strike a pose after participating in the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team’s Students as Partners workshop. By Bryan Padilla As the world changes at an ever-faster pace, observing and consulting with students can provide key...

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APRIL 2018  \\\\\  GLASGOW HIGH SCHOOL RAISING THE BAR WITH AN A.P. FOCUS Autumn Higgs can imagine herself someday working with animals or children, maybe running her own business. As with many ninth graders, the future seems far from definite. She and her teachers at...

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Welcome to Ed.

For thirty-five years, the Prichard Committee has been talking about education. From books to reports, town halls and study groups, we’ve used many forums for these important discussions. Today, we launch a new one. Welcome to Ed. - a blog about excellence with equity...

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2017 NAEP: Summarizing Group Changes

Here's a summary of how Kentucky average scale scores changed from 2015 to 2017, using the NAEP data released yesterday. I don't see any way to call this strong movement toward excellence with equity. All the statistically significant changes move downward. Mind, I...

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