When Kentucky education officials drafted the state’s first application for federal Race to the Top funding, they included plans to develop a system for evaluating teacher performance. Kentucky did not receive a Race to the Top award during that initial phase, but officials decided to move ahead with the evaluation system as part of the state’s overall program of improvement that included more rigorous academic standards, revamped assessments, better data collection and other initiatives.

As part of its review of issues related to effective teaching in Kentucky, the Team on Teacher Effectiveness of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has taken a close look at the development of the state’s teacher evaluation system, known as the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System, or PGES.

Evaluation is a key element to ensure educator effectiveness, but it is important to note that it is one part of a framework that includes additional areas of focus. These include teacher preparation, recruitment, professional standards, compensation, working conditions, professional learning and others.

This brief provides an overview of PGES, the elements involved in its development, the participation of various stakeholders and considerations as the system evolves in broader pilot stages.

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