The Prichard Committee’s Student Voice Team’s legislation asking to have a student placed on the screening committee has been filed by Rep. Derrick Graham. Below is a snippet from an article that appeared in the Lexington Herald-Leader about the legislation and possible concerns in the Senate.

Proposed legislation would allow students to join superintendent search committees
Lexington Herald-Leader, Feb. 4, 2015
written by: Valarie Honeycutt Spears

“At the urging of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence Student Voice team, state Rep. Derrick Graham said Tuesday that he filed legislation that would allow a school board to place high school students on superintendent search screening committees.

The students who asked for the legislation, Graham said, “are very smart” and conscientious and have studied the issue carefully.

‘They know how important it is to have good, strong leadership at the top,’ said Graham, chairman of the House Education Committee.

Members of the Student Voice Team had asked to have a student placed on the committee that will make a recommendation to the Fayette County school board for Tom Shelton’s replacement.

But school board members said they can’t put a student on the screening committee because of state law.

The six required positions on the superintendent screening committee are two teachers, elected by teachers; one classified employee, elected by classified employees; one principal, elected by principals; one parent or guardian, elected by PTA presidents; and one school board member, appointed by the board chairman.

Under the legislation sponsored by Graham, D-Frankfort, a local board of education may increase the screening committee membership to include one high school student, elected by his or her peers in the district. Such a move would not be mandatory.”

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