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Income, Race and Cross-Tabulated Insights

Crosstabs! The data files for the Kentucky school report card have crosstabs! Users can now choose an assessment subject and see results sorted by two different factors in students’ lives. This is a powerful upgrade! As a very first example, these files offer new evidence about whether the continuing issue…

2022 School Results: A Closer Look

The 2022 Kentucky School Report Cards offer a snapshot of some recent results from Kentucky schools. The scores show important impacts of pandemic disruption and important challenges for future work to equip Kentucky’s rising generation. Of course they do. It’s the challenge part and the future part that deserve our…

When Advocacy Grows Legs, For Me, They Have Paws

My family recently welcomed a third canine member, Ally, my son’s psychological support animal. For me, this is a major chapter in a story that’s been unfolding since I was a child myself. In 1983, my class was paired with a class of students with disabilities. Weekly we would spend…

2022 Virtual Candidate Forums

At The Prichard Committee, we strive to ensure a Big Bold Future for all Kentuckians and while we know that the path to a larger life begins with a quality education for all – birth through post-secondary – we also understand the power of civic engagement. Strong civic engagement is…

2nd Annual Hispanic Families Leadership Conference

Saturday, September 24th was an agenda filled day for Hispanic families in Northern Kentucky as they attended the 2nd Annual Hispanic Families Leadership Conference hosted by Learning Grove. Learning Grove Hispanic Family Engagement Coordinator, Theresa Cruz, led the day long event with support from parent leaders, community members and sponsors.


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We study pressing education issues, help inform the public and policymakers of our findings, and engage communities to celebrate success and to design unique local solutions to our challenges.

We track national outcomes in education and quality of life. Our focus is to move Kentucky into the top rankings of all states in these areas.

We respond to the unique needs of students and families locally to improve outcomes in education. Groundswell members are the boots on the ground in a campaign to realize a Big Bold Future for Kentucky.

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