February 19, 2020 | Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
February 19, 2020

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  • SB 158 Accountability Changes Raises Important Concerns, Interesting Possibilities

    Here’s our starting take on the major accountability changes in Senate Bill 158, filed last week by Sen. David Givens. We’ve also developed a 2-page overview of how the bill compares to Kentucky’s current law and practice for readers who want to take a closer look. There are strengths and necessary components of SB 158, such as adjusting the minimum high school graduation requirements and changing requirements for local school board charter school authorizing training. However, in our review of the bill we have identified some factors, outlined below, that merit further consideration and discussion as to how they will impact student outcomes, various student groups, and the newly designed accountability system, which has just been in use since October.
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