August 2021 – Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
August 2021

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  • Prichard to emphasize the meaning of and importance of equity in series of Thursday posts

    In recent weeks and months, the word “equity” and the intention behind “equity” related work have been questioned. Because of this, the Prichard Committee is joining the refrain of leaders across the state who are working to dispel misinformation and to rightly connect the work of “equity” to achieving full “equality” for which we, and our Constitution, aspire.
  • August Connections 2021

    AUGUST Connections – 8/17/2021

    01. For Families
    Make it a point to email and introduce yourself to each of your child’s teachers before the end of September. Include your name, how you like to be contacted and any other information you think would help your child(s) teachers support your child’s learning.
    02. For Educators
    Elementary – In your opening…

  • School Transportation Funding: A Kentucky Equity Problem

    Equity is about providing varied resources to respond to varied student needs, making sure all students have what they need to learn. Kentucky school transportation ought to be a great example. Instead, transportation is a major equity problem. Transportation can be fairly simple and inexpensive in compact independent districts many students live close to their schools and many can walk or take short rides. In contrast, rural students at the far ends of their counties need buses that travel much greater distances. Districts should have funding that varies in keeping with those differences.
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