In January 2020, the Prichard Committee created a structured plan for investing an additional $1 billion in education through 2026. Thanks to the support of our legislature, Kentucky has already made that first 20% step on the way towards $1 billion and is on track to meet our Big Bold Ask. The Prichard Committee has doubled down on its Big Bold Ask to put education on the road to recovery.

We ask that when prompted you urge your legislator to support related education legislation.

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Find your your state Senator and Representative, as well as information on bills, committee schedules and agendas, research reports, and more from the Legislative Research Commission.

To leave a voice mail messages for your legislator call: 1-800-372-7181

TIPS ON CALLING YOUR LEGISLATOR: A receptionist will take your call on behalf of your legislator.

Inform the receptionist that you are a constituent and would like to convey your feeling on an issue.

You will need to give basic information including your name, address, the issue about which you are calling and your opinion.  It is helpful for you to have the name and/or number of the bill you are discussing.

Phone calls are viewed as a means of communicating a brief opinion. For example, “I want Representative Doe to vote against the XYZ bill.”  If you want to communicate more than that, consider writing a letter or scheduling a meeting.

The Prichard Committee’s legislative agenda is designed to help Kentucky achieve a Big Bold Future where every Kentuckian can thrive, contribute to, and benefit from our shared progress as a state. Click here to see this year’s legislative priorities.

Legislative Tracker on Education


HB 1 is the House budget proposal, which was introduced the first week of the session. It is sponsored by Representative Jason Petrie.


03/30/22- Delivered to Governor

SB 9 is sponsored by Senator Stephen West. This is the K-3 Read to Succeed early literacy legislation. Representative James Tipton has filed a companion bill House Bill 226.

03/29/22- signed by Governor





Establishes the Kentucky Early Entry Initiative pilot program where early career teachers work toward National Board Certification

January 5, 2022 introduced in the House





Background Information or Position

Superintendent determines curriculum and hiring of principals; School councils consult on processes

John Schickel

KEES Award to include a dual credit course award amount

John Schickel

Increase the dual credit tuition rate ceiling amount; add eligibility for high school freshmen and sophomores; add career and technical education courses to the Dual Credit Scholarship.

James Tipton

Require designated core American documents; prohibit teacher from being compelled to discuss current events or controversial topics; prohibit training, orientation, or therapy that presents any form of race or sex stereotyping or blame on the basis of race or sex

Max Wise

Add proprietary (trade) schools to KEES

William Lawrence

No school shall offer any classroom instruction, discussion, or instructional materials that promote bigotry, revisionist history, or critical social justice

Matt Lockett

The creation of The Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership; Encourages non-profit and for-profit employers to offer child care assistance as a benefit by matching employer contributions with state dollars

Samara Heavrin

Public charter shcools, funding, insurance, retirement, operations

Chad McCoy





The terms "cash assistance" and "public assistance" do not include foster care, kinship care, fictive kin care, or relative placement payments

David Meade

No public school or public charter school can offer any classroom instruction or discussion that incorporates designated concepts related to race, sex, and religion

Joseph Fischer

No public school or public charter school offers any classroom instruction or discussion that incorporates designated concepts related to race, sex, and religion- inclusive of public postsecondary institutions

Chris Freeland

Permanent funding for full-day kindergarten.

James Tipton

Include the employment of reading interventionists as a purpose of the reading diagnostic and intervention fund; prevent the state board of education from limiting grant recipients from expending grant funds for authorized purposes

Regina Huff

Include naloxone among the medications each school shall have an employee trained to administer or to assist with self-administration; require training for naloxone

Derek Lewis

Tax Credits for Kentucky Educational Savings Plan Trust

Jerry Miller, James Tipton, Killian Timoney

Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools

Steve Riley

Raise Preschool Eligibility to 200% FPL

Steve Riley

Require a public comment period at local board of education meetings.

Regina Huff

Require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form as a high school graduation requirement

Regina Huff

Make the statewide assessment program composed of a series of interim assessments if approved by the USDOE

Tina Bojanowski

Establish the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development

Tina Bojanowski

Freedom of speech at public postsecondary education institutions

Savannah Maddox

Require local boards to have dyslexia policy

Tina Bojanowski

Expand COVID testing sites in districts

Myron Dossett

GED Testing for Alternative Schools

DJ Johnson

School Curriculum and Principal Hiring Process

Steve Sheldon

KSU IMprovement Efforts

James Tipton

Establish a student loan forgiveness program for teachers obtaining certification through an expedited certification process�

Walker Thomas

Require a governing board of a public postsecondary education institution to adopt a code for student conduct, establish minimum procedural requirements for a nonacademic violation�

Kim Banta

Education Oppotunity Account/Scholarship Tax Credit

Josh Calloway

ARP Funds for Broadband Development

Brandon Reed


Kevin Bratcher

Kentucky Education Savings Plan Tax Credit

Matt Lockett

Make water fluoridation programs optional

Mark Hart

Establish a school fiscal impact statement to evaluate the potential costs that would be incurred by school districts and other parts of the common school system by passing certain legislation

James Tipton and Kim King

Substitute Teaching

Myron Dossett

Waive up to 15 student attendance days for days school districts were closed due to the western Kentucky tornado disaster

myron Dossett

Allow a student who attends an out-of-state high school or Department of Defense school due to a parent's military transfer to earn a KEES award

Chris Freeland

KDE Professional Development Mandates

Kim Banta

Define "essential employee" and set a minimum wage for essential employees

Josie Raymond

Increase time for school breakfast

Steve Riley

Freeze college tuition per 4 year terms

William Lawrence

ARP Funds

Jason Petrie

Emergency Powers

Joni Jenkins

CCAP Categorical Eligibility Expansion

Josie Raymond

Require school districts provide a full-day preschool program for at-risk three and four year olds

Josie Raymond

Require licensed child-care centers to be tested for radon


Create the Lottery Trust Fund Task Force to study the various uses of the task fund, evaluate the performance of the various scholarship and grant programs funded by the fund, and develop and submit recommended changes to better align the uses of the fund to future needs

James Tipton

Senate Bills

Appropriate moneys to the West Kentucky State Aid Funding for Emergencies (SAFE) fund

Jason Howell

Provide up to 10 days of remote instruction per school for school districts to use at the school, classroom, grade, or group level for the 2021-2022 school year

Max Wise

Education opportunity account; remove the requirements for individuals to be residents of counties of 90,000 or more to utilize the funds for nonpublic schools 

Ralph Alvarado

Delete the tenth-grade college admissions examination

Mike Wilson

Remove the requirement that a preschool program proposal include a certification from a Head Start director that the Head Start program is fully utilized

Max Wise

Delete end-of-course examination and ACT benchmark requirements from the early high school graduation program

Max Wise

Require rather than allow local boards of education to develop policy on dyslexia

Julie Raque Adams

Require the Board of Education or agency designated by the Board of Education to manage interscholastic athletics requiring schools that participate in interscholastic athletics to designate all athletic teams, activities, and sports based upon the biological sex

Robby Mills

Prohibit the provision of or referral for gender transition procedures to any child under the age of 18 years

Robby Mills

Provide that a parent member on a screening committee shall not be employed by the school district; require greater minority representation on a screening committee in a school district with a minority student population of 50 percent or greater.

Julie Raque Adams

Add eligibility for the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program to students with intellectual disabilities enrolled in comprehensive transition and postsecondary programs.

Danny Carroll

Require local superintendents to report information on school-based mental health services providers in the district to the Kentucky Department of Education

Max Wise

Delete the requirement that an eligible high school student and eligible postsecondary student not be a convicted felon for KEES eligibility purposes

Brandon Storm

Establish the Imagination Library of Kentucky Program

Morgan McGarvey

Include the employment of reading interventionists as a purpose of the reading diagnostic and intervention fund

Stephen Meredith

The creation of The Early Childhood Education Task Force

Danny Carroll