We are Kentucky teachers who formally engage with the Prichard Committee to launch strategic initiatives designed for local improvement with education at the core and to turn teacher-identified education priorities into reality in classrooms across the state.

2021 Teacher Fellows

L Lauren Hill

FACILITATOR - Fayette County Public Schools

C Casey Salyers

Johnson County Public Schools

J Jami Martinez-Reynolds

Hardin County Public Schools

N Norra Ransey

Calloway County Public Schools

K Kevin Presnell

Madison County Public Schools

T Tori Howard

Jackson Independent Schools

B Brison Harvey

Fayette County Public Schools

K Kiara Gray

Jefferson County Public Schools

C C.J. Fryer

Beechwood Independent Schools

N Natalie Croney

Warren County Public Schools

R Renee Boss

Woodford County Public Schools

“To realize the promise of teacher leadership, opportunities like this fellowship propel teachers into new spheres of influence that enable us to practice the necessary skills and acquire the knowledge only fieldwork can teach. We welcome the Prichard Committee into this essential domain and invite the 2021 Teacher Fellows into this most urgent conversation.”

Lauren Hill, a Fayette County teacher & Fellows facilitator