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Welcome to Ed.

For thirty-five years, the Prichard Committee has been talking about education. From books to reports, town halls and study groups, we’ve used many forums for these important discussions. Today, we launch a new one.

Welcome to Ed.  a blog about excellence with equity in education.

We’ll breakdown the most relevant topics in education policy from early childhood through postsecondary education and always with a keen focus on one of our foundational values: Each and every Kentucky student learning at high levels and realizing their unique potential.

Ed. will feature several ongoing series focusing on different issues in education:

We are excited to kick off a regular series beginning this month with Bright Spots: Learning in Kentucky, highlighting great schools in Kentucky, where high expectations and innovation meet excellence in student results.

We take a look at the state budget and Kentucky’s investment in education over time in Adequate & Equitable: Kentucky’s Funding Challenge, with a goal of better understanding where we are underinvesting and how this impacts our progress.

The Prichard Committee Student Voice Team migrates their blog to Ed. with the Student Voice Forum, publishing posts from young people across the state about the issues in schools that matter most to them.

Finally, we bring you analyses of the latest performance results for students with Numbers Up! State of Education, a look at Kentucky’s education progress and helping our readers understand how far we’ve come in education and where we need to go.

As we move forward with Ed., we’ll add new series on relevant topics and publish stand-alone blog posts on specific issues. We want to hear from you about what you want to see on Ed. If you have ideas or suggestions, please email us at ed@prichardcommittee.org to share your thoughts.

Launching Ed. is important now more than ever. We hope to cut through the noise to bring you clear and relevant information that serves to bring us closer together in a common vision: to ensure a world-class public education for every Kentuckian.

In the words the Committee’s namesake, the late Edward F. Prichard, Jr., wrote for Governor Edward T. Breathitt:

…Ours is the vision and ours the growing reality of a great society in which the accidents of race and color, parentage and poverty, location and geography, will not be allowed to dim the light of human hope and to cripple the possibilities of human growth…

In his memory, we dedicate Ed. – a blog about excellence and equity in education.

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