We believe in the power and promise of public education –early childhood through college -to ensure Kentuckians’ economic and social well-being.

We are a citizen-led, bipartisan, solutions-focused nonprofit, established in 1983 with a singular mission of realizing a path to a larger life for Kentuckians with education at the core.


We study pressing education issues, help inform the public and policymakers of our findings, and engage communities to celebrate success and to design unique local solutions to our challenges.

We track national outcomes in education and quality of life. Our focus is to move Kentucky into the top rankings of all states in these areas.

We respond to the unique needs of students and families locally to improve outcomes in education. Groundswell members are the boots on the ground in a campaign to realize a Big Bold Future for Kentucky.

We advocate for honest and inclusive conversations that promote culturally responsive polices, practices and imaginative investments to repair longstanding failures to deliver educational excellence for students who have been marginalized.

We unite Kentucky’s early childhood advocates through shared goals to strengthen early care and education for Kentucky children from birth through third grade and increase access to high quality early childhood opportunities.

We are a network of partners offering engagement and leadership development opportunities for families, schools and communities as a core strategy for improving student achievement.

We are parents, students, and teachers who formally engage with the Committee as community researchers and journalists to launch strategic initiatives designed for local improvement.