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Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Analysis of Governor Beshear’s proposed budget

Governor Beshear introduced his proposed budget for the 2022 fiscal year last night, including some important steps up for Kentucky’s educational investments. Here comes an overview of his recommendations, which will be considered and almost certainly changed by the General Assembly.

Major education steps include additions beyond current year funding of:

  • $5 million for preschool in disadvantaged areas
  • $6.5 million for additional Work Ready and Better Kentucky Promise postsecondary scholarships
  • $11 million for school textbooks and instruction materials
  • $44 million for KCTCS and public universities
  • $49 million to increase school teacher salaries
  • $62 million to increase pay for other K-12 staff
  • $50 million for broadband internet access

To see a full comparison, check out our summaries for Early Childhood, P-12 Education, and Postsecondary Education, which include proposed changes to the budget for the current 2021 fiscal year as well as other shifts in the Governor’s recommendations for 2022 spending.

These steps can strengthen Kentucky’s education, and they deserve extra respect in the current period of crisis, pandemic, and economic disruption.

Kentucky will need these investments and substantially more to build a robust future for our people and our commonwealth. The Prichard Committee’s Big Bold Ask prioritizes seven categories for increased funding, from child care to postsecondary performance funding, and calls for Kentucky to move up to spending an additional $1 billion a year on learning. As we express our appreciation of the Governor’s proposals, we also call for deeper work to fund education as Kentucky’s path to a larger life.

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