Weekly Resources for May 26th – Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

Weekly Resources for May 26th

School Re-Opening Guidance & Help-Check-Praise for Teaching Kids New Life Skills

Your weekly snap-shot of easy learning-at-home activities, important state updates, and ways to stay connected.

What will the fall look like?

Kentucky Department of Education releases re-opening guidance to schools

For Parents of Young Children

Help-Check-Praise for teaching young kids new life skills

Stay in the know this summer!

Be that person who always has the latest information about Kentucky schools.

Share your NTI stories!

The Prichard Committee is collecting education stories from this unprecedented time. How did non-traditional instruction (NTI) impact you as a parent, educator or student? Was internet access (or lack of it) a barrier for you? Share your stories here.

For Educators

Mental Health

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Partner Spotlight

May’s Family Engagement in Education Bright Idea – Covington’s model Read Ready program makes big difference in kids’ lives

A network of families, educators and community partners building stronger parent leadership and effective family-school-community partnerships across the Kentucky Education System.

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