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Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

New Prichard blogger to focus on bold leadership for Kentucky’s future

At the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, we work to engage Kentucky citizens on education issues because we believe informed and empowered citizens will demand continued progress for education across the Commonwealth. Over the past several years, we have been working to this end increasingly through our blog, social media and other digital platforms. Our blog covers a broad range of education topics, from funding to achievement gaps, from best classroom practices to data trends, we try to offer both timely and evergreen information on Kentucky’s education system.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve added another voice to our roster of talented bloggers. Catherine Nunn Lawless recently earned her Ph.D. in the Education Leadership Studies program at the University of Kentucky. Her blog posts, much like her area of research, will focus on bold leadership in education. Her first post will fittingly discuss how superintendents and school boards can approach education funding.

Funding is a hot topic at Prichard and in Frankfort right now, during a budget year for the Kentucky General Assembly. While our discussion starts with legislators and the governor, we also realize the importance of targeted investments at the local level. That’s one of the reasons that our Big Bold Ask calls for state investments in transportation and all-day kindergarten – so that local tax dollars can be used to fund a district and school’s individual teaching and learning needs. As Catherine eloquently points out in her first post, “boards who properly funded instructional initiatives, provided positive communication to their communities, and supported the district’s instructional direction had a significant impact on positive district change.”

Catherine serves on Discovery’s education team and has held positions in the education divisions of Apple, Amazon, and MIND Research Institute. She has dedicated over a decade to technology-infused learning and teaching environments. Through the lenses of business and education, Catherine’s area of research focuses on the micropolitical decision-making processes of superintendents and board members within innovation contexts. I look forward to hearing more from her and know you will, too!

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